Writer tells parents to ‘heed this warning’ about critical race theory


To the editor:

We should all be very concerned about critical race theory being taught in our public schools. If you’re a parent of a child attending school in Missouri, especially in the Lindbergh School District please heed this warning. All the school officials, politicians and other uninformed teachers are all getting in line to indoctrinate students in this new philosophy.

Here’s how it is taught in a nutshell. If you’re white, you’re a racist! If you’re white, proud and happy to be who you are, you’re a racist! If you believe you’re privileged then you are a racist! If you’re intelligent and excel to be better than others in your studies, you are a racist!

Every day, seven days a week you should tell your children to be proud of who they are and to never be ashamed of who they are, whether white, brown, asian or black.

Tell them to excel in their studies and never apologize for the talent god gave them. Tell them that just because they have an opinion, that does not make them a racist. Tell them they live in a world of realism, that they are the realist not the racist.

Dummying down one race is not going to lift another, so stop forcing this garbage down our kids throats. How about teaching reading, math and science? Duh… 

Joe Spezia Sr.