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Private school parents, taxpayers should get to use vouchers

Letter to the Editor  To the editor: I have never written a letter to a newspaper, but after reading Terry Bilheimer’s Oct. 11 letter, “Call should not have printed Koenig’s evolution ideas,” I felt the need to respond. I would have welcomed vouchers for my daughter’s education while sending her to parochial schools. You see,

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Another View: History of public notices dates to country founding

By Mark Maassen Missouri Press Association On Dec. 6, the first provisions of medical marijuana in Missouri will be implemented, seemingly a departure from Missouri’s conservative political climate until you consider what else was decided in the Nov. 6 general election. Missourians also elected to pass lobbying and campaign finance reform and an increase to

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Broughton letters are similar to ones rejected by White House

Letter to the Editor To the editor: With all the daily hate-filled vitriol on today’s cable TV, do we really need to open our neighborhood papers and be exposed to the same kind of antagonistic, hostile verbiage that, like TV, is full of unbalanced, bellicose, truculent, angry language? I had the privilege of working for

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