Call Facebook followers react to new development with Fitz’s

“SoCo just got a little cooler.” — Zoe Taylor Cangas “I’ll be there on opening day.” — Randy Wellenkamp “Love Fitz’s. Quit going when the trolley construction started and ruined the streets and parking. Glad they’re coming to South County.” –Dee Magee “I am so excited! Welcome to South County! It’s nearby and I will

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We wish all the best for former Crestwood mayor

It’s probably no secret to regular readers that one of the most frequent subjects of this space in the last few years has been Crestwood Mayor Gregg Roby — now former Crestwood Mayor Gregg Roby. That’s the first time we’ve referred to him with that “former,” and despite the many times this newspaper disagreed with

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Fathers give us wisdom, starting with riding a bike

By Carl Hendrickson For the Call He died as he lived. Quietly. He was not educated — he had no more than a grammar school education.  His name never appeared in the newspaper until his obituary. He never held public office.  His wealth was not in gold or silver. He simply taught me to ride

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