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Trump has many accomplishments, as Crestwood reader cites them

To the editor: I am responding to The Call’s letter to the editor April 11 by Ms. Rosemarie Garcia regarding “….How does Trump still have supporters?” During our president’s first two years in office, there have been some truly historic accomplishments.   Trump’s economic record, the largest tax cuts since President Reagan, and making America an

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Reader: Diagnosis of Trump should require an in-person doctor visit

To the editor: In response to Ms. Susan Mroz’s April 25 letter regarding her “professional” opinion that President Trump is mentally unhinged, she references the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as the basis of her claim. In particular, her group cites the president as suffering from narcisstic personality disorder, or NPD. I

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Play Gloria: Four governments should not all meet at same time

Editorial By Gloria Lloyd This summer, the Crestwood Board of Aldermen is holding its meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month instead of the second Tuesday. Usually that would be an insignificant summer sidebar. But it’s a step forward in transparency for residents. That’s because Crestwood government watchers, like their counterparts in Sunset Hills,

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Area needs to incorporate ASAP to fend off city-county merger plan

Letter to the Editor To the editor: In response to a city-county merger, consider Houston, Texas, the largest city in square miles in the U.S. Why? Because that city annexes unincorporated municipalities and subdivision communities, in Harris and surrounding counties. Planned communities, like Clear Lake City and Kingwood, developed for NASA and Exxon primarily, never

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Whether Blues win or not, they represent all of us

By Gloria Lloyd News Editor glorialloyd@callnewspapers.com By the time this issue arrives in most of your mailboxes, you’ll know whether the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup. But at the time I’m writing this, all I know is that they lost Sunday and are set to play the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of

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Oakville couple gave him ride, but got a camera. Now he lives here.

To the editor: Years ago in Northern Arkansas, I left my camera on the backseat of the car of a nice couple from Oakville who gave me and another fellow a 10-mile ride from the Kyles Landing or Steel Creek Campground on the Buffalo River up through the small town of Ponca to the Centerpoint Trailhead where my car was parked. Back then I lived in

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