Schools’ ‘safety audit’ should not include gender-neutral bathrooms


I understand that the Clayton Board of Education is considering installing gender-neutral bathrooms at each district school as part of a plan to improve student safety.

They even went so far as to hire an architect to perform a safety audit.

They were looking for ways to make school safer, “including social and emotional safety.”

They came up with a brilliant idea to convert a single stall in a bank of restrooms to a gender-neutral facility that anyone could use.

They could have saved a substantial amount of taxpayers’ hard-earned money by asking for my advice.

I would have suggested that all water fountains be removed and serve more cheese in the cafeteria.

That way, the restrooms would be used less frequently, thus, eliminating the humiliation of having to be seated next to a person of the opposite sex.

Talk about “emotional safety.”

The next thing they’ll be telling us is, “there aren’t any strip joints on the east side.”

Jim Kohnen