Reader says truth about George Floyd doesn’t fit a ‘media narrative’

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

The George Floyd media narrative skips pertinent facts. (A) Floyd was arrested for committing a felony. (B) He resisted arrest, another felony. (C) He was COVID-19 positive, threatening to infect the officers called to the scene.

Pick anything Floyd could have done differently that would result in him still being alive? (D) All of the above is an acceptable answer.

Was there excessive use of force? Let those with access to all the facts make that determination.

Is there systemic racism in the police department? That is a much easier question to answer. No, there is not.

The black population in the United States is around 16 percent, yet the arrest rate of African Americans for violent crime such as murder, rape and armed robbery is over 50 percent.

If there was racism in police shootings then you would expect well over 50 percent of the police shootings to be against blacks.

Actual statistics from 2017 to 2020 show white criminals dying at nearly twice the rate of black criminals (1,398 versus 755).

Organizations with agendas deceive people with limited grasp of statistics into believing more African Americans die by excluding the percentage that do not commit crime.

Doug Meyer