Too many delays and not enough work on Gravois-Musick projects


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

Can someone explain to me how a main road can be closed for over two years? First Musick Road was closed at the creek, then they open it for a few weeks and close it at Gravois Road. Every time we drive down Gravois Road and see no work being done, it just makes homeowners mad.

Also now they have Gravois Road down to one lane at Musick Road. Since Grant’s Farm is open, it is a nightmare. If they have a problem with underground pipes, someone needs to step up and fix the issue.

The neighborhood we have to cut through to get to Gravois Road parks cars in the road to try and get cars to slow down or take a different route.

My question is who is responsible for this mess? County roads? The water company? Sewer? And when is the problem going to be fixed? As of now, no one is doing anything to get the road reopened.

Libby Baur