Reader writes that questions from doctor’s help save lives


To the editor:

I have something to add to the letter to the editor by Ann LaBeau entitled “Reader writes about interesting visit to doctor, questions doctor’s questions” in the Oct. 28 edition of the Call.

I understand that she may have felt that the question about gun ownership in the mental test was intrusive and not anybody’s business, especially the government’s business. She has a right to own a gun to either defend herself and her home, or to go hunting, or just to collect them because she likes guns.

But, I think it is still wise to let the doctor ask this question in case the doctor believes the patient might be depressed and might harm himself or herself. The presence of a gun would make this much easier for the patient. While a hammer or a knife or poison may be dangerous, most people would not choose to end their lives that way because there is a lower success rate.

And, the doctor would keep these discussions private. They are bound by the patient provider privacy laws. The doctor’s sole goal is to help the patient. I believe we can trust our doctors to do this.

Michael Nolan