Reader questions library books – time to burn them?


To the editor:

As a parent of three children who went through Lindbergh Schools, I was shocked and disheartened to see the article in the  Oct. 28 edition of The Call reporting on an official challenge to the Board of Education regarding library book holdings

Something has changed since our children were in Lindbergh schools and it looks like extremists are in our midst. I like the center of the road, remember when we compromised. 

Most concerning was the clear intent to ban books related to LGBTQ issues and sexuality. I am always amazed by fear of sex and sexuality, especially when there are no requests to ban books that are extremely violent. Should books about the Holocaust or the Vietnam War be banned? Of course not. 

Sex does not kill, it is part of life. While I do not condone teenage sex, we live in time when honest and open discussions about sexuality should be a key component of a high school education.

 Parents who want to remove books from a public school should seek educational opportunities in the many private and religious based schools in the area. 

Tax payers, teachers and parents – please help stop this slide toward censorship before we fall off the cliff.

Jeffrey F. Scherrer