‘Leave St. Louis County alone,’ reader writes on a possible merger


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Better Together is pouring money into the effort to merge St. Louis County with the city of St Louis.

They are promising you that the fire departments and school districts will not be affected. If you believe this, I have a few bridges I would like to sell to you.

Of course, at first they will not include the fire and school districts, but you had better believe that if this passes they will absolutely go after them after the fact. There is no possible good that can come from this merger, other than to enrich the pockets of the politicians at the taxpayers’ expense.

The city is crime ridden, and nothing has been done to eliminate the crime problem. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers do a great job, but have their hands tied by the powers-that-be that won’t let them do the jobs they are paid to do.

The St. Louis County Police Department is excellent, and in most areas of the county you can travel without being assaulted thanks to the county officers.

Leave St. Louis County alone. It’s been doing well for many, many years, something that can’t be said for the city of St Louis.

Gary Solovic