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Crisis pregnancy volunteer writes pro-life advocates not ‘old thinking’

Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I found Georgeanne Gass’ Aug. 1 portrayal of life-affirming people opposed to abortion both ignorant and offensive.

I volunteer at a pregnancy help center, and the staff and volunteers could hardly be characterized as old-thinking, uncaring folks who cast blame on women facing crisis pregnancies. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Our clients are warmly welcomed, embraced as our sisters in need and given as much time and support as they need in coping with the many challenges they face.

Far from exerting pressure to keep women “barefoot and pregnant,” we do everything we can to empower them in making their lives work.

We offer free classes and supplies for their babies. Missouri’s Alternatives to Abortion program offers financial assistance as well.

I’ve been privileged to serve many of these women, and I’ve watched them enter our doors with despair and fear and leave our program with confidence, beaming with joy over their newborns.

Our goal is to walk beside every woman facing a crisis pregnancy, regardless of the circumstances, and offer her all the emotional and physical support she needs as long as she needs us.

On the other hand, abortion not only kills an innocent child, it either breaks the mother’s heart or hardens it: She’s never the same.

Tell me who are the uncaring folks in this picture?

Christine Hessel
Tesson Ferry Township Republican Committeewoman

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