City-county merger can be prevented with straight-Republican voting


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Democrat County Executive Steve Stenger is eager to merge Democratic St. Louis city into St. Louis County. Then, the city can disincorporate and dump its debts onto us county taxpayers. Democrat city politicians will be hired by St. Louis County at higher salaries, pensions and other perks — at our expense.

St. Louis County taxpayers will exodus, and our county will slide down into a huge slum. Democrat politicians don’t care because they will rake in billions of dollars for themselves and their friends during the years before the crash.

St. Louis city’s high-tech boom is deceptive. When techies have children, they exit the city. For extra safety, techie parents go beyond St. Louis County to St. Charles and other outer counties. Eventually, companies will follow their employees to those outer counties.

Paul Berry, Republican candidate for St. Louis County executive, staunchly opposes the city-county merger. Please vote for Republican Paul Berry on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

The city-county merger will be completely stopped if you vote 100 percent Republican for all local, state and federal politicians on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Especially, also elect Republican Josh Hawley for U.S. senator.

Robert G. Willmering