Writer: Opposition to a city-county merger does not equate to racism


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Glenn Koenen wrote in an Oct. 25 letter that “city-county merger talk is just Republican code for keeping blacks out of the county.”

Many people might simply be opposed to a city-county merger because they feel the city has not been fiscally responsible.

County residents may end up paying higher taxes and/or see their services reduced.

If people are truly saddened by how divisive our political system has become, perhaps articulating the benefits of their viewpoint might be the best way to change hearts and minds.

Accusing people you have never met of racism is wrong on so many levels.

It seems like code for, “I’d rather not exchange ideas. You must have my ideas, otherwise you are a racist.”

I see positives and negatives on both sides of this debate. I see no positives whatsoever in accusing people you have never met of racism. Hopefully moving forward we can do better attacking problems and not people.

Bob Mahacek