Reader argues that it shouldn’t be too easy to get Missouri Medicaid

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

In one of Nicole Galloway’s  ads on TV during her campaign last year, she says that Gov. Mike Parson removed 100,000 kids from Missouri Medicaid.

Skipping the conversation about expanding “free” healthcare, her statement is wrong.

When a family applies for Missouri Medicaid, they agree to inform the state if they move within 10 days of that move.

This could be to just another home or to another state.

A reason for this is so that if the state sends requests or renewal documents, those families get those documents.

If the documents are returned because that family is not there or the family chooses not to return them, the family’s case is closed.

Usually, the state will make an effort to call first to make sure the address is correct or if there was a mistake with the mail.

I cannot say that most of the 100,000 kids were like this, but working for a hospital and helping those families get Missouri Medicaid, a good portion were because the annual renewal forms were not completed.

Instead of putting the blame on the governor, why not hold the parents accountable?

Even if the children would still qualify, should our state not verify if the family lives in Missouri?

I have seen families try to get benefits in Missouri and Illinois.

This is free healthcare for children. These families may have to do a little work in proving their income and updating their address, but it is a lot easier than paying for the bills.

Shawn Finney
St. Louis