Former Sunset Hills Ward 2 alderman supports incumbent

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

As a resident, an alderman in Ward 2 and president of the Board of Aldermen in Sunset Hills, I am a proud supporter of our current Alderman Christine Lieber.  I still enjoy watching how our city continues to build, develop and improve while seeing the input Christine has made during her dedicated service to our ward and to all residents of the city.

Christine is a lifelong resident and actively engaged in Sunset Hills, she is a graduate of Lindbergh High School, and has developed her own successful business here in Ward 2, which shows her ardent support of this community.  Christine is a staunch supporter of Backstoppers, Guns’N Hoses, Rotary Club and our chamber of commerce.

Christine is the only elected candidate that has proven to the residents of Ward 2 and throughout the city that she has the commitment, experience and record that reflects how she puts the residents first in her decision-making process. And being the president of the Board of Alderman shows her ability to work collectively with the support of her peers.

An important aspect of Christine’s commitment is her time dedication to our community.  Along with being transparent to the residents and responsive to her supportive board members, Christine listens to everyone so everyone feels what they have to say is important and valued.

I hope you will support Christine for alderman Ward 2 again, along with me and so many of our Ward 2 friends, neighbors and business owners on April 4.

Scott A. Haggerty
Sunset Hills

Editor’s note: Haggerty was the Sunset Hills Ward 2 alderman from 2009 to 2015.