Accountable doesn’t mean in-person, says reader


To the editor:

Sixth District Councilman Ernie Trakas made a comment at the end of the Aug. 3rd St. Louis County Council meeting that people need to be present to make their voices heard and not sit at home because of some alleged fear. 

He quoted Benjamin Franklin about holding the government accountable, but I personally do not feel the need to sit for hours in a crowded room with people yelling and screaming without masks to hold my councilman accountable. 

Mr. Trakas was able to make his points and even vote on Zoom. 

In today’s day and age, I have e-mail and phones to relay my message and concerns.

So, Mr. Trakas please note, I am holding you accountable to listen to your constituents who do want you to follow the science about masks against a contagious airborne virus, even if they are not yelling at you in a crowded room.

Suzanne McGinnis