A reader appreciates Sunset Hills’ transparency and communication


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

After reading a few articles and letters to the editor, I feel obligated to write. I don’t understand how anyone who does not participate in community activities, sit on a city committee or attend open-to-the-public aldermanic meetings and parks and recreation meetings can complain about not knowing what is happening in their own city.

If you don’t participate, then at least read the publications. I receive a newsletter monthly, read the latest information on the city website, and read articles in both the local newspapers about our city. When I have a question or concern, I simply pick up the phone and call to learn more. I’ve never been rejected by my alderman, the mayor, the city administrator or the çommunity center staff.

As a resident of Sunset Hills, I feel well-informed and really appreciate the transparency. Not always do I agree with the final decisions, but I know I have the opportunity to express my concerns. You too can make a phone call, write a letter or email. Get direct answers and not just go on hearsay. Politics seems to be interfering in friendships, business-to-business activities and even family dinner time. We can all make it better by verifying what we hear and read.

I served on the annexation committee to bring my area into the city of Sunset Hills and have seen my property values go up dramatically. I’ve seen much improvement in how my city looks, how strictly enforced is the separation of commercial and residential zoning, and appreciate the citizens willing to increase the use of our park land through their generosity.

I am excited about the school districts in the area having an expanded place to practice their sports like rugby and golf. I am proud of how the city has stayed fiscally responsible even after Toys “R” Us closed and we lost half our tax revenue. Think before you spread rumors, ask questions, verify, do some fact checking. Enjoy the city where you live. Enjoy the freedom to ask questions. Enjoy the parks and the new sidewalks.

Marie Davis
Sunset Hills

Editor’s note: Ms. Davis is the interim co-executive director of the Crestwood-Sunset Hills Area Chamber of Commerce.