Prop R progress coming along at Hancock with roof and HVAC work

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The Hancock Place School District was awarded its first bond issue since 2011 in April after voters overwhelmingly approved the measure with 81 percent voting in favor. 

The $13.25 million no-tax-rate-increase bond issue, named Proposition R for “Replace, Renovate and Redesign,” is in use to fund facility upgrades to all district buildings. Hancock Superintendent Kevin Carl said he was anticipating it would pass, so the district had plans on how the money would be used from the outset.

“That enabled us to get some projects done this summer, so we’re moving rather quickly to get things done,” Carl said. 

Over the summer, Hancock Middle School’s entire HVAC system and roof were replaced. Carl said the two projects were “critical” and were identified as a priority right away. Part of the replacement was the implementation of GPS ionizers to improve air quality.

“The project currently underway are renovations at Heine Meine … We’re really excited about that project as it’s for the first time ever going to add a soccer field to our repertoire,” Carl said. “We’ve never had our own soccer field in the history of the district.”

The project also includes the addition of a softball field and renovations to the baseball field. Carl said the area rests on a flood plain so turf on any of the fields was out of the question.

On Sept. 9 the Hancock Board of Education approved $6 million in renovations at Hancock Elementary and they should begin within the next two months.

“We’re doing a library media center renovation, a brand new gymnasium and improved parking,” Carl said. 

More projects are on the way next summer, including new classroom doors, security card employee entrances, new locks on doors districtwide and new secure vestibules.