Green Park proposes truck restriction signs

Green Park proposes truck restriction signs

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

Two Green Park aldermen proposed adding “No trucks except local delivery” signs at a few locations in the city March 21.

Ward 2 Aldermen Matt Farwig and Ron Slattery did a walkthrough of the city and identified locations they believe could benefit from the signs, including Green Park and Koors roads,  Patsy Lane and near the former quarry. Slattery said the signs would help deter drivers after their first drive through those roads.

“That’s what you’re saying, as long as they’re in, since they can’t turn … they can go ahead and go through,” Slattery said. 

City Administrator James Mello said city code already identifies trucks of a certain weight aren’t allowed on some roads, and police do stop trucks when they see them, but the issue is that police can’t be everywhere at once. 

Issues were raised with a St. Louis County Department of Transportation maintenance yard containing road salt being located in the city. City Engineer Derrick Madej said the sign would have to be placed away from the yard to avoid confusion for those trucks. 

St. Louis County Police Officer Sanda Cosic, who patrols the city, said she would ask for extra help from commercial vehicle enforcement officers to patrol Lindbergh Boulevard and Green Park for any trucks going through the city.