The impeachment process is ‘rigged,’ with Republicans kept out of it


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

The impeachment process is rigged. When Bill Clinton was considered for impeachment, both the majority and minority party were granted full and equal power to call for witness testimony as well as subpoena authority to compel witnesses to testify.

In contrast, with H.Res 660 the Republican minority could only request a witness within 72 hours of the announcement of a hearing, only with written justification and only with the approval of the Democratic chairman. Likewise, all Republican subpoenas are subject to approval of the Democratic chairman. If not approved, there is no recourse for appeal.

Elected members of Congress are being prohibited from questioning witnesses and restricted from viewing transcripts without Democratic supervision.

Worst of all, unlike the basic rights of all United States citizens, President Trump is not allowed to have counsel present and there is no opportunity to cross-examine those who come forward to testify.

This process is truly a miscarriage of justice. Shame on those representatives who voted for this rigged sham.

Virginia Ashpole