Furrer retires from Mehlville Fire after three decades

Furrer has served the fire district in decades since he got his start in 1986


By Erin Achenbach, Staff Reporter

Mehlville Fire Protection District Deputy Chief Dan Furrer will be retiring at the end of December, rounding out over 30 years of service in the district.

“Chief Furrer has given the Mehlville Fire Protection District 34 years of service. From the chief’s perspective, I’m happy to be able to say that … it’s my belief that we have some of the finest deputy chiefs the county has,” Chief Brian Hendricks said at the Nov. 18 board meeting where Furrer was recognized for his service. “We run more fires, we run more calls and it’s the day to day things that deputy chiefs are responsible for. It’s a huge, huge undertaking and that’s why the men that currently fill those spots are, without question, some of the best line personnel we have.”

Furrer started with the Mehlville Fire Protection District in July 1986 and rose through the ranks after being promoted to captain in November 2002, shift training officer in April 2006 and deputy chief in January 2010.

“Dan … with his tenure with our district as well as his previous experience, successfully was able to bring all of our people home without serious injury. No one died on his watch,” Hendricks said. “I personally want to thank Dan for his contribution to the Mehlville Fire Protection District. You definitely left this district better than you found it.”

Board Secretary Ed Ryan added that deputy chiefs were often responsible for handling the inner workings of the fire protection district that often go unnoticed by the public.

“We see ambulances go by or trucks go by and they’re by. And that’s as far as it goes. They (the public) have no consideration or understanding of the possible problems that can happen on any assignment,” said Ryan. “It continues to really impress me, the team that’s been built and (Dan’s) effort to build that team and I really appreciate it. It’s beyond comprehension. The book would have to be this thick to write down the accolades.”

Furrer’s last day of duty with the district will be at the end of this month.