Winter Weather Preparedness Week scheduled for mid-November


Winter in St. Louis can often bring extreme weather, resulting in icy roads and dangerous storms. To keep Missourians safe, the National Weather Service and the State Emergency Management Agency are teaming up for Winter Weather Preparedness Week Nov. 15-19.

“Most Missourians have experienced frigid temperatures and icy road conditions, but many do not take the steps to prepare so they don’t wind up getting stranded in the cold,” State Emergency Management Agency Director Jim Remillard said. “By designating Nov. 15-19 as Winter Weather Preparedness Week, we’re encouraging everyone to prioritize safety this winter and reminding all Missourians to prepare in advance of severe storms – while on the road and at home.” 

Snow and ice in Missouri in 2020 caused more than 5,500 vehicle accidents, leading to 1,698 injuries and 26 deaths. Avoiding travel during storms is the best way to stay safe. 

Missourians should consider several options for emergency preparedness, including creating a plan and emergency kit, assembling a car emergency kit, avoiding dangerous driving conditions, ensuring homes have multiple potential heating options and knowing the risks of space heaters and extreme cold. 

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