Planning panel recommends approval of first phase of Crestwood mall redevelopment plan


The proposed site plan for the Crestwood Crossing development. Dierbergs and McBride Homes closed on the 47-acre former Crestwood mall property Jan. 26.

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The first phase of the McBride Berra residential portion of the Crestwood Crossing development was approved by the Crestwood Planning and Zoning Commission April 6. 

The subdivision, named The Villages at Crestwood Crossing, features 81 homes, 24,000-square-feet of public space, a bridge over Gravois Creek and sidewalks throughout. The homes within the development are split into three categories and villages:

• Village A (34 lots): 6,000-6,250 square-foot lot area

• Village B (16 lots): 7,200 square-foot lot area

• Village C (31 lots): 3,300 square-foot lot area

Engineer Rodney Arnold, representing McBride, said the plan mostly matches the preliminary plan, but a t-shape turnaround on “Street C”  was transformed into a cul-de-sac. Arnold said developers felt the area had enough space and the cul-de-sac shape is better than the t-shape for cars.

Commissioner Jordan Wilkinson noticed at the end of “Street A,” which features a t-turnaround, the sidewalk terminates instead of ending in a ramp to help access onto the Gravois Creek bridge.

“I see the curb ramps elsewhere throughout the development, I just want to make sure there is a clear, accessible, legal connection through the end of the sidewalk … for somebody who might have mobility issues or even a stroller,” Wilkinson said.

Arnold said he liked the idea of adding the ramp and would be open to any changes the city proposed in that regard.

The commission’s main responsibility for the hearing was to decide if the plan conformed with the preliminary plan approved by the Board of Aldermen in November. The commission voted 4-3 to recommend denial of the plan in October stating the plan did not conform with the city’s comprehensive plan. 

“There really isn’t a lot this commission can do … since the general alignment seems to be in keeping with what the Board of Aldermen approved,” Vice Chairman Greg Zipfel said. 

The commission voted 5-0 to approve the plan with the condition of added accessibility for the sidewalk leading to the bridge.