Board addresses alderman’s wish to conceal carry


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen went off the agenda at its June 22 meeting to discuss one aldermen’s request they be allowed to conceal carry when meetings resume in person. 

Mayor Pat Fribis said an alderman contacted her to let her know they conceal carry, with the proper permits, and wanted to bring the situation up to the board to see if they are comfortable with it. State law states elected or government officials can conceal carry at meetings, but citizen firearms are not allowed on the premises.

“The board … has the choice to decide if they feel comfortable, or do not feel comfortable in this situation,” Fribis said. 

Ward 3 Alderman Cathy Friedmann and Ward 4 Alderman Fred Daues said they are comfortable with any of their colleagues carrying. Ward 2 Alderman Casey Wong said he has no issue with an alderman bringing their firearm, but he does question the law stating elected officials can carry and citizens can’t. 

“Does it not seem inconsistent that residents are not afforded the same privilege?” Wong asked. “It seems highly inconsistent with how we treat residents that we are putting ourselves above them. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If we are going to respect the amendment it should be across the board, not picking and choosing favorites.”

Fribis said years ago a citizen brought a weapon to a meeting in Kirkwood and the incident resulted in death. She said she and the alderman in question researched the laws before bringing the situation to the table. 

“We wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this. We are still being wanded and residents coming to our meetings in person are being wanded,” Fribis said.

Fribis reminded the aldermen there are armed guards and security measures in place at city hall.