Writer asks: Who’s looking out for residents in Sunset Hills?

Letter to the Editor


To the editor:

This administration ran on keeping Sunset Hills residential.

What happened? The residents have had to ward off cluster homes, rugby fields, et cetera — everything against our interests.

The limit of four stories was extended to five stories for Comfort Suites on June 18 — why? Now the Hilton wants seven stories — this is not in the best interest of the residents and should be defeated.

If Mr. HR Sheevam can afford $7.5 million for a 5-story building and a hopefully rejected 7-story building for $11-13 million, for the Hilton and garage, he should not be complaining about a 60-percent increase in taxes and definitely should not be given consideration for tax abatements.

Since this administration has governed, we have seen Mellow Mushroom, the still-not-completed Jimmy Johns and a gas station, the former Econo Lodge, gone commercial. How is this in the best interest of the residents?

With upcoming elections, residents should question candidates regarding their position on the interests of the residents, commercial or residential.

The only one benefiting from this administration is Mr. Sheevam and other commercial developers. What about us?

This Hilton hotel would be better suited for undeveloped Crestwood Plaza.

Pat Gioia
Sunset Hills