The pros and cons of makeup

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

My name is Hnna Elmansy and I am a student at Lindbergh High School. Last semester in my human anatomy class, I researched how makeup affects students overall health.

Before researching how makeup really affects us physically and mentally, it was thought that it was just a component that help individuals boost their confidence and feel better about themselves but upon further research, I learned how it affects the epidermis of the skin. When left on for too long or worn too frequently, it becomes a bacterial ground for bacteria where sores and pink eye can be caused from not taking care of the brushes and sponges as well as sharing makeup products.The interesting thing that I find fascinating about makeup is that you can create whatever feature you want on your face or make a certain feature on your face stand out. I’m not an artist but I appreciate those who have the talent to create cool images on their eyes. I have also learned what things go into makeup like carmine which is a toxic chemical that come from bugs to make products appear more pigmented in red. Some environmental advocates prefer not to use products that have carmine in it and they turn to vegan makeup lines that can still give them the look they want. Finally, for economic wise, there are many many different brands like Tarte, Colourpop, and Mayballine are very successful companies that add $237 billion dollars to the GDP which is good for the economics world.

In conclusion, I believe that makeup is good to have as it can help with individual’s self esteem but the risks like diseases that come with it are also something to consider.

Hnna Elmansy
Lindbergh High School