Sunset Hills reopens all its playgrounds


The dedication of the Stieren playground in Sunset Hills in 2018.

By Gloria Lloyd, News Editor

Sunset Hills playgrounds reopened last week after a safety plan was approved by St. Louis County.

Sunset Hills Parks Director Gerald Brown told The Call that all parks were reopened last week after the county approved the city’s safety plan Sept. 4.

Under the safety plan, all playgrounds will be cleaned and sanitized twice a week. Other rules are posted at the playgrounds themselves.

Crestwood opened all its city parks Aug. 14, also with approval from the county. In Crestwood, all parks are being cleaned at least twice a week and sometimes three times.

Playgrounds have been closed since the spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

St. Louis County-owned playgrounds are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic even after playgrounds in municipalitieshave reopened, but that could change as soon as this week as the county looks to reopen its own parks too.

The county Department of Parks and Recreation has submitted plans to the Department of Public Health to try to reopen county playgrounds, a health department spokeswoman told The Call. The health department allowed cities to start reopening their parks in mid-August, but safety plans have to be approved by county officials.

The county’s own plan for playgrounds “is on our list of plans to review this week. That is why County playgrounds are still closed,” the spokeswoman said.

“Please note that there is an increased risk of COVID-19 when on public playgrounds,” Crestwood Parks and Recreation officials posted on Facebook.