Stenger, Krewson, other current officials shouldn’t be Metro Mayor


Editor’s note: This letter predates the announcement last month that County Executive Steve Stenger’s term as “Metro Mayor” would not be extended for two years beyond his current term if voters approve a city-county merger. But he would still serve as “Metro Mayor” during the two-year transition.

Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The current Oakville Call indicated that if the merger between the city and the county would be amended that Steve Stenger would be the Metro Mayor. All the current elected officials should not be eligible for this office. This title should be up for a general election between the new St. Louis.

Steve Stenger as well as Mayor Lyda Krewson should not be eligible for this position as well as any of the elected officials.

The citizens should vote for who they want to run the city of St. Louis. I am highly opposed to this merger. The only reason that this has been brought up is due to the current murder rate in the city and the fact that the city wants the county revenue.

The city of St. Louis wanted no part of the county and created its own entity over a hundred years ago. How things have changed. Please support me in making sure this merger doesn’t happen and that Steve Stenger and any other current elected officials are not the new Metro Mayor.

Susan Telker