Lindbergh changes board meeting day

Lindbergh changes board meeting day

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The Lindbergh Board of Education announced their scheduled meeting times are moving to the third Thursday of each month at their meeting July 13, as opposed to the second Tuesday meeting used in the past.

Superintendent Tony Lake said the change was made to better fit board members schedules.

“Looking at our work in general, the flow of paying our bills and getting things ready for board meetings … we felt like moving our board meetings to Thursday nights.  Just to allow us to do our work and the cadence we need to give us the time we need,” Lake said.

This change takes effect in August, meaning the board’s next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 19.

Historically, Lindbergh, Crestwood aldermen and  Sunset Hills aldermen have held their meetings the second Tuesday of every month at nearly the same times. Sunset Hills and Crestwood are in Lindbergh Schools, meaning if someone in those cities wanted to attend a Tuesday meeting, they would be forced to choose between the Board of Aldermen meeting for their respective city or the Lindbergh Board of Education meeting.