Letter writer offers his predictions for 2020, with a Trump re-election


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

As a consultant, I’ve been making predictions 15 years with 90-percent accuracy. I want to take the worry out of the new year, calm fears and put people at ease. Be anxious for nothing.

So here are my predictions for the new year 2020 — enjoy.

1. President Trump will be re-elected by a landslide.

2. St. Louis County and city will continue pushing the Better Together issue. If local residents get to vote, it will fail.

3. On the stock market, the Dow Jones will hit 30,000.

4. The hottest and most lucrative stock sectors will be the marijuana and biopharma fields.

5. Democrats will continue trying to impeach President Trump because they don’t want him re-elected.

6. Republicans will retain control of the Senate.

7. Republicans will increase their majority in the Senate.

8. Leftists will protest in opposition to Trump’s victory.

9. Republicans will retake the majority in Congress.

10. There will be at least two Dow Jones market corrections of over 1,000 points.

We will review at the end of 2020, so retain these predictions.

Good health and Happy New Year to all.

Joe Spezia Sr.