‘Forced merger’ would also affect school districts, this writer believes


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I am opposed to the forced merger of St. Louis County with the city of St Louis.

Question: What will happen to county school districts under the proposed amendment to the state Constitution to force a county/city merger?

No definite answer.

School districts are said to be left intact for now if not paid for with sales taxes, but Better Together cheerleaders seem to want them all merged at some point.

Question: After forced merger is implemented, will schools be left alone?

No guarantee provided.

Our governor even said it will be reviewed after the vote for merger.

The passage of the merger may prompt momentum to deal with schools next. The county does not need to merge with the city of St Louis.

The result for all municipalities would be a requirement to substantially increase real-estate taxes and/or utility gross-receipts taxes.

So what will you do to stop this?

Standing up and saying no won’t do it.

Tell county municipalities’ officials to come out against this now; and pressuring The Call to editorialize against this now is needed.

The people cannot do this alone. This is a new kind of animal, and it is a predator.

William Dosenbach