Constituents ‘enjoyed talking’ with Brown, but disliked Witzel’s letter


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In response to Celeste Witzel’s June 6 overstated and hateful letter, mentioning us by name eight times may be a bit excessive to get her point across.

We are not disputing the late Rep. Cloria Brown was a nice person, and after a lengthy conversation with her on our porch, we commended her on getting out to meet her constituents to find out what our main concerns were.

We responded that our No. 1 concern was illegals coming to St. Louis and receiving money from our government for buying houses, vehicles, jobs and medical, just to mention a few. She stated “she couldn’t go there.”

We advised our No. 2 concern was rights for senior citizens. She also could do nothing in that area. No. 3 concern was cracking down on puppy mills in Missouri. Those were our main concerns we wanted addressed and acted on.

To see immigrants getting the kind of money they get, while seniors are struggling just to get by due to unreasonably high prescription costs and low income, frustrates us. It also frustrates us to find out Missouri has the highest number of puppy mills.

So there you have our three main concerns that are happening in our state. We understand she was instrumental in fighting human sex trafficking in Missouri.

We’re not sure where that ranks with her constituents, but apparently that was important.

So that was all we were trying to say in our “short” letter, not an attack on her character. We actually enjoyed talking with her. We only mentioned Celeste Witzel’s name once in our letter, and we don’t have a title.

Judith Beckey and Jan Eberhardt