Bayless Avenue road project not all it’s cracked up to be for resident


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

After attending the meeting about the Bayless Avenue road project at Weber Road Library, I was even more unimpressed with this project.

Agreed, the road needs repaving — that was supposed to be done in 2020.

Agreed, the bridge needs to be replaced.

But as far as the bike lanes and a left turn lane, it will be a disaster. As someone who travels daily on Wabash/Ellendale into Maplewood, they did the same thing to that street. Besides cutting down a dozen full grown trees, they made it one lane of traffic eastbound — 25 mph — the whole distance. It is not patrolled, so many people are going 40-45 mph on a regular basis.

Many of us in Bella Villa use Bayless daily, and it will be extremely difficult to exit during rush hour.

They quoted studies showing that a left turn lane reduces rear-end collisions. As a resident for more than 10 years, I cannot remember a rear-end accident ever on Bayless.

And what will happen when it floods again? Carondelet exit will close, the Alabama Bridge will close and maybe Broadway will close again. Where does that northbound Interstate 55 traffic exit? Bayless and Reavis Barracks, overloading those streets with more traffic.

Please call or write your councilman and voice a strong “no” to this unnecessary part of the project.

Jim Majewski
Bella Villa