Audubon: Vote ‘yes’ on amendment on our parks

Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Proposition 2 ensures St. Louis County parks cannot be sold or disposed of without a vote of the people, provides residents a say over major changes in parkland and does not raise taxes or fees.

Public parklands are critical to a healthy environment and society. From active recreation to education, they support a wide array of interests. From heat sinks to stormwater management to noise attenuation and biodiversity banks, they keep our community livable.

Speaking of biodiversity, pollinators are essential to our food supply. Public parkland provides critical habitat for many of the hundreds of varieties of pollinators in our region. Those same trees and other plants also improve water quality, generate oxygen and absorb air pollutants.

Politicians should not be able to sell, dispose of or significantly alter your parks. We think you should have the final say in what happens to them. Vote “yes” on “Charter Amendment Proposition 2” if you agree.

Mitch Leachman
Maryland Heights

Editor’s note: Mr. Leachman works for the Audubon Society.