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Candidate filing closes for August primary

Republican primary for Missouri governor features 9 candidates

Sixth District St. Louis County Councilman Ernie Trakas will face one challenger in the Republican primary this August.

The primary election is Tuesday, Aug. 6. The General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Trakas and Oakville attorney G. Michael Archer filed in February. Candidate filing for the primary elections began Feb. 27 and closed March 26. 

 Also filing to represent the 6th District on the St. Louis County Council was former Mehlville Board of Education director Kevin Schartner, who is running as a Democrat. At press time, Schartner was unopposed.

Also up for election are County Council seats in the 2nd County Council District and 4th County Council District.

Incumbent Shalonda Webb, who represents the 4th District, will face a Democratic primary challenge from former Councilwoman Rochell Walton Grey. Also filing for the 4th District are Rhonda Linders, running as a Republican, and Theo Brown Sr., running as a Libertarian.

In the 2nd County Council District, Nicole Greer will face Gretchen Bangert and Lequeshiah Young in the Democratic primary, while Sudhir Rathod filed for the 2nd District seat as a Republican. Incumbent Councilwoman Kelli Dunaway is not seeking reelection.

U.S. Senate 

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley filed for reelection. He is unopposed on the Republican side. There will be a four-way Democratic primary for senator, with Karla May, December L. Harmon, Lucas Kunce and Mita Biswas all filing for the seat. Kunce previously ran for Senate in 2022.

W.C. Young of Kansas City also filed as a Libertarian.

U.S. House 

U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner, R-Ballwin, filed for reelection and will face a primary challenge from Peter Pfeifer of Town & Country.

Also filing to run against Wagner as a Democrat were Ray Hartmann and Chuck Summers. Brandon Daugherty of O’Fallon filed as a Libertarian.

Missouri Governor

There is a nine-way race in the Republican primary for Missouri governor: Darrell Leon McClanahan III, Jeremy Gundel, state Sen. Bill Eigel, Robert James Olson, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, Chris Wright, Darren L. Grant and Amber Thomsen. 

On the Democratic side, Eric Morrison, state Rep. Crystal Quade, Sheryl Gladney, Hollis L. Laster and Mike Hamra all filed for governor.

Bill Slantz is running unopposed as a Libertarian.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor

State Sen. Holly Rehder, Dave Wasinger, Lincoln Hough, Paul Berry III, Tim Baker and Matthew E. Porter will vie in the Republican primary for lieutenant governor.

Richard Brown and Anastasia Syes will contend in the Democratic primary. 

Ken Iverson filed as a Libertarian.

Missouri Secretary of State

Valentina Gomez, Shane Schoeller, state Sen. Denny Hoskins, state Rep. Adam J. Schwadron, Jamie Corley and Mike Carter will vie in the Republican primary for secretary of state.

Missouri Speaker of the House Dean Plocher, who had filed to run for lieutenant governor, withdrew from that race to also run for secretary of state as a Republican. Mary Elizabeth Coleman also withdrew her candidacy for the 3rd Congressional District to campaign for secretary of state as a Republican. 

Monique Williams, Barbara Phifer and Haley Jacobson will contend in the Democratic primary.

Carl Herman Freese filed as a Libertarian.

Missouri Treasurer 

So far there is a six-way Republican primary race for state treasurer: Cody Smith of Carthage; state Sen. Andrew Koenig, R-Manchester; Lori Rook; incumbent Vivek Malek, Tina Goodrick and Karan Pujji all filed for the seat as Republicans Mark Osmack filed unopposed as a Democrat, and John A. Hartwig, Jr. filed unopposed as a Libertarian. 

Missouri Attorney General

Will Scharf and incumbent Andrew Bailey are running in the Republican primary for attorney general.

Elad Jonathan Gross filed as a Democrat while Ryan L. Munro filed as a Libertarian.

Missouri Senate 

In the 1st District that represents most of South County, incumbent Sen. Doug Beck, D-Affton, is seeking reelection unopposed in the primary.

Robert J. Crump filed as a Republican.

Missouri House

In the Missouri House, up for election are seats held by Democrat Michael Burton of Lakeshire in District 92, Democrat Bridget Walsh Moore in District 93, Republican Jim Murphy of Oakville in District 94, Republican Michael O’Donnell of Oakville in District 95 and Republican Brad Christ of Sappington in District 96.

All South County incumbents filed for reelection.

In District 92, Republicans Kenneth Abram and Cijo Mathews filed for the seat.

In the 93rd District, Walsh Moore filed to run again. James O’Donnell filed as a Libertarian. No Republicans filed. 

Murphy is the only Republican to file so far in the 94th District. Kyle Kerns, who campaigned against Murphy in 2022, also filed on the Democratic side.

O’Donnell is the only Republican to file for the 95th District while Deb Langland filed as a Democrat.

Christ is also the only Republican to file for the 96th District. His 2022 general election challenger, Leslie Derrington, filed as a Democrat.

Township committee members

Republican and Democratic township committee members also filed, with offices split by gender and party as committeewoman and committeeman.

In the Gravois Township Marjorie Dahmer, filed to run as the Republican committeewoman, and Leslie Derrington filed as the Democratic committeewoman. Stephen Nieder filed for the committeeman as a Republican. 

In Oakville, G. Michael Archer, a Republican, and Bobby R. Ford, a Democrat, filed for Oakville committeeman, while Robin L. Archer, a Republican, and Ann Zimpfer, a Democrat, filed for committeewoman.

In the Concord township, Otto Schoenberg III filed on the Democratic side as a committeeman. Casilda (Chris) Struckhoff filed as a Republican for committeewoman, while Marilyn Beck filed as a Democrat. 

In the Lemay Township, Robert J. Davis filed to serve as the Republican committeeman and Michael D. (Mike) Owens filed to serve as the Democrat.

Teresa Douglas, a Republican, and Diane Kasten, a Democrat, filed for Lemay committeewoman.

In the Tesson Ferry Township, Matt  Chellis and John Judd filed for committeeman, running as Republicans. Thomas J. Diehl filed as a Democrat. 

For the Tesson Ferry Township committeewoman, Christy Hessel filed as a Republican, while Laura B. Metz filed as a Democrat.