Alderman Friedmann highlights Lieber’s leadership as reason for support

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Christine’s primary focus is working as part of a team with the Board of Aldermen to achieve the best possible results for the residents of Sunset Hills.

Christine understands that the team is most effective when there is strong leadership that sets the agenda and pulls staff, committee members, elected officials and residents together to advance that agenda.

Too often under the current administration there is a disconnect between staff, committees, and the Board as to the direction of the City should take and how to get there. We’ve seen the consequences of this lack of leadership with rugby, the water tower, the new zoning code – to name only the most recent and the most contentious issues. Christine is committed to bringing all parties together to advance the interests of our great City.

Too often under the current administration we fail to serve our residents because of claims that “our hands are tied” or we “can’t” pursue a course of action. Not only is Christine energetic and innovative, she is more interested in engaging the team to explore options and pursue what we CAN do to achieve the best results possible within in the limits of the law.

Too often residents invest time and effort to attend meetings, make public comment and offer suggestions only to have their motives questioned on the record. Christine sees this is no way to promote resident participation she will encourage residents’ input and civil discussion.

In the wake of the heartbreak of losing Officer Christy Meier, Christine stepped in to personally place signs of support along the funeral procession and contact businesses and schools giving them the opportunity to make show of support. This is not surprising given Christine’s membership and support of Backstoppers, Guns-N-Hoses and our Sunset Hills Police Board. This is the type of leadership we need to represent Sunset Hills.

As Ward 3 Alderman, I have seen Christine reach out to aldermen, staff, residents, and businesses eagerly and openly to understand a problem or issue and then, after reaching that understanding, identify a solution and work towards a resolution.

This leadership style is what we need in the mayor’s office to serve our residents and community. It is time for a change and I appreciate your consideration and support in electing Christine Lieber.

Cathy Friedmann
Sunset Hill Ward 3 alderman