Michael K. Broughton

Abortion opponents turn a ‘blind eye’ to children once they are born

Letters to the Editor To the editor: Jan Tucker equates legal abortion to first-degree murder in her Oct. 10 letter. Tucker’s religious outpouring serves to highlight the hypocrisy of the always vocal anti-abortion contingent in our Christian communities. While preaching damnation for those having had an abortion, these same Christians turn a blind eye — deliberate

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Trump achievements are dictatorship-like propaganda, reader writes

Letter to the Editor To the editor: Frank Longo’s June 27 letter, “Trump has many accomplishments, as Crestwood reader cites them,” is an example of the impact propaganda and one-source news has on Americans. Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda, fed the German population the Nazis’ hateful, fascist message via the media of the

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Broughton critic asks: Do aldermen have term limits in Green Park?

Letter to the Editor To the editor: In response to Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton’s Sept. 27 letter, Mike, this is also not fiction: 304 to 227 electoral votes for President Donald Trump and 63,000,000 American votes for Trump. We’ve had slave owners, womanizers, alcoholics, liars, movie stars and we’ve impeached presidents and

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