Might as well get on the Trump train for next six years, reader writes


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Wow, he’s still at it. Michael Broughton — the Call’s favorite Never Trumper.

In his latest contribution to the Call, he identifies the duly elected president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, as follows: That Trump embraces fascism, attempts to identify Trump and “his regime” with Adolf Hitler during the 1930s.

Accuses President Trump of dictatorial narcissism and amorality, further questioning his competence, truthfulness, justice and American democracy, his rants and childish behavior.

An errant child who has conned his way through life. Of being involved with organized crime, a business idiot and involvement with Putin’s wealthy friends — Russians.

The contributor must be a miserable person inside, as he will have to live with President Donald Trump for probably six more years.

I feel sorry for him. Get a grip, all you Trump haters. He’s your president, duly elected. Thank God America’s crime family, the Clintons, were not elected. Get on the Trump train, support your president and help him. Pray for him. “Make America Great Again.”

Howard Sloan
south county