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Deacon’s letter is ‘another reason to be skeptical’ of Catholic church


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

The Nov. 21 letter from Deacon Richard Schellhase of Queen of All Saints Catholic Church was written, I’m sure, in good faith.

Yes, Deacon Schellhase, we pro-choice people get it. You and your Catholic brethren conform to the tenets of your chosen religion in thought, word and deed, verbally and in writings. And you believe that abortion is morally wrong and contrary to your biblical teachings.

But many Americans don’t agree with you and don’t hold your religious beliefs. We too do not desire to have your religious beliefs imposed on us. In America, citizens have freedom from religion as well as freedom of religion, at least for now.

Your good faith is assumed concerning the letter you submitted for publication. However, the Bible quotations therein were disingenuous — neither had anything to do with abortion.

And the fact is, you had to know that. So, inadvertently, you’ve provided conscientious readers — those who fact-check — with another documentable reason to be skeptical of the Catholic Church and religion in general.

Public offerings under Christian banner are often designed to garner conformation by shaming, as is yours. But shaming to foster compliance is not consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ, the centerpiece of Catholicism. Surely you know that.

So, Deacon Schellhase, how about this — practice your religion as you see fit, but refrain from shaming others who live their lives contrary to your religious beliefs, constraints and practices. Doing so will result in a kinder, gentler America (smiley face here).

Michael K. Broughton
Green Park

Editor’s note: Michael K. Broughton is a Green Park Ward 1 alderman.

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