Trump is ‘threat to our democracy,’ and citizens should run for office

Letters to the Editor


To the editor and residents:

Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy.

He gained the presidency by a political anomaly — the Electoral College (EC). Aided by Republican gerrymandering of key political House and Senate districts, Russian interference, voter suppression and a jiggered EC system, delegates of the EC disregard the popular vote and declare Donald Trump to be president. In his three-year tenure, Trump has cobbled a fascist regime and proven his presidency to be little more than a criminal enterprise.

Trump and his minions have hijacked our government and our elections. Inherent to honest, democratic governance is assuring the right of every citizen to vote and seek office.

So it is ever more important that honest, incorruptible citizens seek elected office at all levels of government — federal, state, county and municipal.

Citizens giving of their time and expertise to serve their community is a foundational element of our democracy and should be jealously supported by citizens and vigorously guarded by public officials at all levels of government.

If a citizen is denied the opportunity to seek elected office, whether by incompetence, willful act or just plain ignorance, the cause is an abomination of our democratic principles.

The future of our country is at stake. Honest, intelligent, competent citizens are needed to serve their communities as elected officials. But some will be denied the opportunity because of gerrymandering, voter suppression, convoluted legal processes or just plain ignorance on the part of officials. Americans can d better and we should strive to do just that.

Michael K. Broughton
Green Park

Editor’s note: Mr. Broughton is a Green Park Ward 1 alderman.