Abortion opponents turn a ‘blind eye’ to children once they are born


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Jan Tucker equates legal abortion to first-degree murder in her Oct. 10 letter. Tucker’s religious outpouring serves to highlight the hypocrisy of the always vocal anti-abortion contingent in our Christian communities.

While preaching damnation for those having had an abortion, these same Christians turn a blind eye — deliberate indifference — to the many and varied abuses of innocent children in their own communities and remain mute concerning our government’s deliberate abuse of innocent children seeking asylum in America.

Even the avoidable death of several of these asylum-seeking children has failed to warrant condemnation or protest from anti-abortion hardliners.

Tucker relies on the innocence of a woman’s fertilized egg to make her point.  But once born, the innocence of the child is often despoiled by clergy and other adults who have dominion over the child, and pro-life zealots turn a blind eye to these abuses. They say abortion is sin, but deliberate indifference to the safety and well-being of the birthed child is OK.

What about science? Is the world flat? Are humans destined by religion to live in the era in which biblical stories were written?  Did our maker not provide us with curiosity and intelligence?  Is the science with which we can govern human reproduction not from God?

The choice of birth or abortion is a complex and personal decision. In America, you’re free to abide by your religious beliefs, but you’re not free to impose your beliefs on others. America is not yet a theocracy. Keep abortion legal and safe.

Michael K. Broughton
Green Park

Editor’s note: Michael K. Broughton is a Green Park Ward 1 alderman.