Sunset Hills officer sent to hospital after pursuit of bicycle-riding leaf-blower thief

Sunset Hills officer sent to hospital after pursuit of bicycle-riding leaf-blower thief

An officer from the Sunset Hills Police Department went to the hospital last week after trying to use a stun gun on a fleeing suspect whose getaway plan after stealing a leaf blower was taking off to Crestwood on a bicycle.

Both the officer and the suspect were treated at a hospital and released after they were injured when the police officer knocked the fleeing suspect off his bike.

Officers received a report about 8:15 a.m. Aug. 2 that a man stole a leaf blower from the back of a lawn care company’s truck parked on Deane Court in Sunset Hills.

A witness said the thief, described as a white man wearing a Superman T-shirt, stole the leaf blower from the back of the truck and took off on a bicycle toward Denny’s restaurant, 10575 Watson Road.

An officer saw the man, still wearing the distinctive Superman T-shirt, riding the bike across the parking lot of Goodwill at 10125 Watson Road, leaf blower in hand.

The officer got out of his car to stop the suspect, but the man turned around to head back west on Watson, according to the police account.

The officer knocked the suspect off the bicycle, which injured both the officer and the man.

The suspect got up and ran east around the strip mall at the northwest corner of Watson Road and Starling Drive in Crestwood.

At that point, the pursuing Sunset Hills officer tried to use a Taser on the suspect, but the probes missed.

The suspect jumped a fence into a residential backyard in Crestwood and hid behind a shed.

With the Crestwood Police Department also responding to assist the Sunset Hills police, officers from both departments found the man and arrested him.

“A sincere thank you to the Crestwood Police Department for their assistance,” the Sunset Hills department said in a news release.