Sunset Hills approves license plate readers


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen approved an agreement June 14 to place two license plate readers in Missouri Department of Transportation right-of- ways.

The cameras are Flock license plate recognition cameras and will be placed at “eastbound MO 30 between the Meramec River and Rahning Road and southbound Lindbergh Boulevard just before the entrance to the Sunset Hills Shopping Plaza.” They can identify vehicle types, colors, license plates and other factors and compile them into a database for police, allowing them to quickly research cars potentially related to a crime. 

The cameras were purchased by the board in April for $6,500 total.

The Green Park Board of Aldermen are looking at convincing city businesses to acquire similar cameras to build a network of crime watchers. The city’s dedicated police officers have been coordinating with businesses to accomplish the creation of the “business watch.”