Students showcase their robotic achievements

Students from all six Lindbergh elementary schools showcased their achievements in robotics last week during the district’s first-ever Junior Lego Robotics Team Expo at Crestwood Elementary School.

Earlier this year, Lindbergh’s elementary school librarians worked together to sponsor second-grade teams at each of their respective schools.

These teams followed First Lego League guidelines, just like the teams at Lindbergh’s middle and high school levels.

In 2017-2018, First Lego League Jr. teams participated in the Aqua Adventure Challenge, where students find out where the water they use in daily life comes from and what happens to it as it travels from a body of water toward its final destination in homes, schools and workplaces.

At the event, the teams from each school demonstrated their robots, answered questions, and presented some of the things they learned throughout the Aqua Adventure process.

“These junior leagues are designed as an introduction to First Lego League, where students focus mainly on exploration, sharing what we learn, and discovering the basics of robotics,” Karen Czaicki, librarian at Dressel and Sappington elementary schools, stated in a news release. “This year was a big success, and we were thrilled with the turnout of parents and students at our first Junior Expo. We would love to see the program grow in our elementary schools in the future.”