Storms expected overnight could bring hail or tornadoes


Storms expected Wednesday night into Thursday morning in the St. Louis region could bring hail and even tornadoes, the National Weather Service St. Louis said.

The NWS said that residents of the region should set up weather alerts in case of severe weather. With hail, possible tornadoes and “damaging wind gusts” anticipated, a weather radio is recommended.

The storm will pass through Columbia and Jefferson City this evening, then into St. Louis overnight, heading east into Illinois. The region affected by the storm reaches as north as Bloomington, Illinois, and as far south as Springfield and Poplar Bluff in Missouri.

The St. Louis area, city and county, is in a band that could see the worst of the storm between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m.

Residents can sign up for weather alerts on their phones at