Reader agrees with ‘every point’ PETA made about Teddy, but not with PETA as an organization

Letter to the Editor


To the editor:

I am responding to the letter from Teresa Chagrin in the Nov. 21 Call Newspapers’ “Letters to the Editor” regarding the alleged, horrific stabbing of a dog named Teddy. I agree with Ms. Chagrin on every point she made regarding cruelty to animals; however, I know that PETA’s idea of cruelty goes far beyond what concerned, loving people would even consider “cruel.” In fact, they have and continue to target people whose animals get the best of care. Starting with the large, exotic animals, they will continue and eventually come after your domestic pets.

PETA raises untold millions of dollars to carry out their “war” against people who have — and have had for decades — exotic animals. The terrorism that PETA uses are lawsuits which the targeted owner cannot win due to finances. The average American does not have unlimited resources to fight the lawsuits PETA files, but PETA does have nearly unlimited resources. The other tactic is constant harassment and the placing of “spies” to gather information about animal owners. People have gone bankrupt fighting this non -government group while PETA’s unending harassment has destroyed the lives of many and ripped animals from the care of those who truly loved them.

Another “animal rights” group that the public should be aware of is the Humane Society of the United States or HSUS. This group does not have brick-and-mortar facilities to house rescued animals. They are not affiliated with local humane societies. A former CEO of HSUS has stated that he hopes to see the day when no puppy or kitten is born in the United States.

The founder of PETA is Ingrid Newkirk from the United Kingdom. Google “Ingrid Newkirk Last Will” and see exactly how she wants to be disposed of when she dies. For example, she wants some of her flesh roasted for a human barbecue. She has a whole list of where she wants her various body parts sent and what is to be done with each.

So, Ms. Chagrin, where I agree completely with your letter, I know that PETA’s ideology is unknown to most people and it is a rights-stripping group whose tactics are that of terrorism. I personally know of people whose lives have been ruined and their finances depleted, all because PETA exists.

Nerine Bouaoun