More patience needed for Crestwood mall project, Simpson writes


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Recent letter writers have expressed frustration that the Crestwood mall project is not going exactly as planned.

This is understandable — everyone is excited and wants to see construction begin as soon as possible. However, more patience is needed as the city continues to work with the developer to as-semble a successful project.

The worst thing to do would be to give in to desperation. This site is vital to Crestwood. What goes there  must be great for the community. City staff is doing everything they can to ensure the developer delivers a project that achieves this goal.

The incentives offered by the city protect Crestwood’s interest in meeting these expectations.

Your aldermen wisely attached conditions to be met if the developer wants to try and generate the incentives. Without the incentives, the developer could build a number of things that the city would be nearly powerless to prevent.

We are optimistic that the developer will be presenting the city with a dynamic site plan this year.

However, if that fails to occur, remember that the developer gets  reimbursed for absolutely nothing if those conditions are not met.

Finally, let’s not overlook what’s been accomplished.

The dilapidated mall structure was the biggest obstacle to redevelopment — it took a year and a half and cost millions of dollars to demolish. That hurdle has been cleared, along with remediation of the environmental issues on site, and the city achieved this without spending any city funds.

Now, your city works to finish the job.

Kris Simpson

Crestwood city administrator