Lindbergh students share what they are grateful for in a unique year


I am grateful for….

Concord Elementary School:

Korie A., 4th — I am grateful for having a family who cares about me with their love. I am grateful for having a cousin who is like a sister to me. I am grateful for having parents who take me to soccer practice, volleyball games, and Cardinal games. I am grateful for having grandparents who teach me golf and make me laugh!

Monroe K., 1st — I’m grateful that my parents take care of me.

Truman Middle School:

Sarah P. , 7th — I am grateful for the time spent with my family. I am grateful for the closer, but different bonds I have created with my friends. I am grateful for my furry friends. I am grateful for the new things we have all been forced to learn. I’m grateful for hope, which keeps us optimistic for the next day. Finally, I am grateful for everyone who supports me, and pushes me along each and every day.

Sperreng Middle School:

Carter H., 6th — The way my family has gotten through this hard time and I’m thankful that God has helped us through it.

Dressel Elementary School:

Josephine K., 2nd — The veterans, my family, my family’s home, the electricity, books, clothes, school, beds, blankets, the days so we can play, windows so the house won’t be dark, for our world, God, Jesus, our toothbrush so we wouldn’t have cavities, food, and bathrooms.

Phoebe W., 5th — My pets, food, the weekends

Lilianna J., 2nd — Daddy

Sydnie M., 5th — My family and friends, paint, the ability to walk and have all five senses, and having shelter.

Aiden K., 5th — To have a house and to play soccer

Peyton S., 2nd — My puppy, my mommy, my daddy, my food, my family, everything

Sarah F., 2nd — I am grateful for nature

Tori H., K — Mrs. Sindelar and being able to GO to school to learn and make new friends.

Colin B., 5th — Having a life

Johnathon X., 5th — Everything

Jade M., 5th — Every resource we have

Lindbergh High School:

Andi E., 10th — Being able to go to school in person and see people even while social distancing.

Ajla G., 10th — My friends, they´ve gotten me through a lot.

Maria P., 12th — I am grateful for my teachers who are taking the extra time to learn and balance out covid with school and trying to give us the best education they can especially during these hard times. I am grateful for my friends and family who have helped me through hard times and have always found ways to make my days brighter.

Sydney A., 12th — The amazing weather we’ve been having and staying healthy through this whole thing. The teachers have been really understanding of late assignments and I really appreciate that

Shane (Miguel) W., 9th  Being alive

Shay M., 9th  — I am grateful to be able to express my feelings through dance and be with such a big group of girls on the Flyerettes that feel like family even when there is craziness in the world around us.

Ashley B., 11th — I am very grateful for many things  … Starting out with how I have a brother who serves for our country in the Navy, leading off of that I am very thankful for our military who fights every day for our lives and freedom. I am also very thankful to live under a roof, and get fed every day and have clear access to water, let alone filtered water. I am also very VERY thankful for all the amazing people in my life, including my family and friends. I am very, very thankful for the legs God gave me so I can dance. I also am very thankful to have working ears so I can listen to music, and so I can also play piano.  I am so very grateful to have an amazing education at Lindbergh that I don’t have to pay for, and that there are many options of classes that I can take, because many people don’t have that opportunity.

Lastly, I am so thankful for an amazing dance team, the Flyerettes, because they’re like my second family, and we are blessed to be able to dance even with COVID … some dance teams don’t (have that option).

Lily S., 10th — My friends and family who have been amazing, especially during the hard times of COVID-19.

Jessica L., 9th — My family, friends, cat, good health, nice food, my house, clean water.

Tanner D., 11th — I’m very grateful for the amazing family I have, and how much we can do together, and how much they help me out when I need it.

Crestwood Elementary School:

Camille M., 2nd — My new baby cousin and my Famille, that means family in French, gravity so we won’t be floating in the air, mom and dad, My Gigi and Papa that means my grandma and my grandpa. I call them Gigi and Papa, and everything because my life is great and I really do like to help, I don’t consider it as a job.

Sonja N., 1st — My dog

Maddox C., 2nd — Life

Griffin K., 2nd — I am grateful for my pet dog, Harley.

Kennerly Elementary School:

Tommy T., 3rd  Helping others

Lillian P., 3rd — My family and animals

Sappington Elementary School:

Riley S., 3rd — The shelter and food that I have and all of the loving family and friends that I have.

Liam F., 3rd — My parents

Oliver S., 3rd — Living

Responses from Ashley Streicher’s fifth graders in all-virtual ARC:

Sabrina H., Crestwood — My grandma that takes care of us when my mom and dad are not home.

Caden, Concord — Naruto. Doggo. Cat. anime.

Lane N., Crestwood — I am thankful for my school because they do a great job of letting kids have fun!

Ava G., Concord — Volleyball because I’m pretty good at it. My family because they take of me and they’re really nice, and I love them!

Trinity, Concord — My family, food, life,  Jazzy, my house, my mind,  2020 not getting worse,  Christmas, Diet Coke, music…. I think that’s all.

Annabelle, Concord — I’m thankful for my puppy Benny. Because he helps me when I had anxiety and he helps me when I’m sad and I don’t think I could have felt better when I had anxiety without Benny. So my puppy Benny is what I’m thankful for.

Brett, Crestwood — My Xbox, TV and my gaming chair.

Selena L., Crestwood — I’m thankful that I’m alive.

Sam G., Crestwood — Bob the water bottle.

Anthony L., Concord — Do you have a family and be alive?

Colleen S., Crestwood — I’m thankful for my family because they love me and we play.

Nevaeh E., Crestwood — I am so thankful for my family and my dog and horses.

Sarah H., Crestwood — I am thankful for my mom who does a lot for every day and my dogs that make me want to wake up every day. I am thankful for food and water and air and plants and I’m grateful for all the things that have been given to me.

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