Mehlville students are thankful for food and family this Thanksgiving

Mehlville students are thankful for food and family this Thanksgiving

Responses from Mrs. Theel’s fourth graders in Mehlville@Home:

Tarik My game.

Aldo — I am thankful for my mom and dad.

Ian I am thankful for technology.

Kori  Family and friends.

Maleyah God, my family, online friends

Olivia — I am thankful for seeing my family at this weird time!

Belma — I am thankful for my family, my teachers, food, water and shelter.

Jordan — I am thankful that we have food and that me and my family get to eat together.

Aaron — I am thankful for family and fun.

Ava — Seeing my friends and family

Amela — My mom and dad and my dog

Ajla — I’m thankful for my family for always being there.

Kristopher — Everything

Kaylie — I am thankful for food and to see my family.

Isaiah — I am thankful that I can be with my family.

Dalaynna — Dessert and s’mores crescent

Azar — The food and my family

Ciara — I am thankful for my mom for taking care of me and feeding me.

Phillip — My family

Adam — For my mum and dad

Jordan — Food and family

Calib — Fortnite

Responses from Mrs. Roumpos’ fifth graders in Mehlville@Home:

Mai — My family.

Jordan — I am thankful of Thanksgiving. I can help my mom cook the food.

Gabriel — God for giving me life.

Carlos — Clean  up my house.

Macy — I am thankful for my family because I love them all.

Paisley — My new kittens 😀

Abbey — Being able to be with my family.

Ajla — I am thankful for having enough food and water.

Basit — My family, friends, classmates, teachers and especially soccer!!

Connor — Food and water.

Nina — I am thankful for the world because people would not be alive if earth was not created and people would not be who they are today.

Maya — I am thankful for this quarantine, not what you think though. I get to spend more time with my family and get to know them better.

Soon we are going to be in the real world being busy all the time and not really having time to hang out or spend time with each other. I can learn about them and give them better presents that they care about. Yes, we do have arguments but I enjoy learning about what I care about for a bit longer.

Addison — My family and that I get to spend time with them.

Zak — All the turkeys.

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