Lindbergh Strolling Strings perform in D.C.


The Lindbergh High School Strolling Strings group traveled to Washington, D.C., this summer with 19 musicians, three chaperones and two directors. The group raised $25,000 through two trivia nights and other smaller events over the past two years to fund the trip.

Known for ”strolling” throughout the audience as they play, the group performed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Gettysburg National Military Park and the Washington, D.C. Veterans Administration Medical Center. Their performances were well-received by the public visiting these historic sites, the group said in a news release. The group played a medley of the five Armed Forces songs and during a special moment at the VA Medical Center performance — on the 75th anniversary of D-Day — an older patient being wheeled by on a gurney gave a full salute to the students.

The group rounded out their memorable trip with a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield, the changing of the guard at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, and attending a spirited performance by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

The Strolling Strings have performed for audiences all over the St. Louis area since 1992 and recently added electric guitars and more of a pop-rock feel under co-directors Tara Kizer and Andrew Nowicki. To book this talented group for your next banquet or gathering, visit