Grantwood Village reconsiders recycling options


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

Grantwood Village was recently asked by its trash provider, Waste Connections, to consolidate its recycling and trash into one pick up, citing low demand for recyclable materials.

Public Works Commissioner Mark Kienstra said outside of the dropping demand for recyclables, trash companies in general are having a hard time finding drivers. He said due to the shortage the residents would get better service with one pickup.

“No one is in favor of complete landfill (drops), it is just tragic circumstances we have,” Kienstra said May 18.

Kienstra said the city could restructure to focus on yard waste when it’s needed, like the fall, and keep recycling “on the backburner” at other times. 

Tree Commissioner Laura Yates said recycling is an important service and a lot of residents would be disappointed to lose it.

“(Recycling) makes a lot of difference to our environment and the sustainability of our communities,” Yates said. “Maybe they can go to every other week collection of recyclables. Many communities do that.”

The Board of Trustees will discuss the matter at a future meeting after looking for resident feedback.