Former Rep. Walt Bivins wants Jim Murphy as his state legislator


To the editor:

After months of endless political ads and polarized politics, voters will finally make important choices regarding their elected officials.

I am pleased to support and endorse Jim Murphy to be my state representative.

Many in District 94 are concerned about keeping well-paying job opportunities in their community. Closed storefronts and a floundering mall raise concerns about the viability of south county.  

Obviously changes are needed that allow businesses to grow while providing employment opportunities and higher wages for all.

As a successful businessman, Jim Murphy has the experience, ideas and hard work ethic it takes to effect such change. Jim offers a listening ear to all constituents because his primary concern is representing every person in his district.

His campaign has focused on a wide variety of issues and demonstrates his willingness to learn about different needs, challenges and perspectives. Jim has met numerous residents of his district as he knocked doors.

His sincerity and genuine interest in their concerns will carry on the tradition set by Rep. Cloria Brown.  When you vote on Nov. 6, choose Jim Murphy because everyone in District 94 deserves a voice.

Walt Bivins

Editor’s note: Bivins is a former state legislator for Oakville.